Attendee Profile

Senior-level professionals from government/ defense agencies, contractors and technology service providers  from the private sector, academia and nonprofit R&D centers with the following responsibilities and focus areas including but not limited to:


Supporting technologies that allow a system to achieve a level of autonomy in its tasking: Machine-learning and it’s subsets such as neural networking. “AI” will primarily be constrained to what is commonly referred to as ‘narrow AI’.

Ex., manned-unmanned teaming , predictive data analytics, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR)

With titles such as:

Algorithms Engineers/Scientists
CxOs (Analytics, Data, Information, Innovation, Technology)
Data Scientists/Engineers
Research Scientists
Software Engineers


You focus on the growth and development of such capabilities as they may be applied to current and future DoD systems and are either an end-user from government, or a provider from industry or academia.

With titles such as:

  • Business strategists, and decision makers
  • Business & Enterprise Systems
  • Concept Development
  • Program Managers/ Requirements Officers
  • Research & Development
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Tactical Users / Analysts
  • Business Development
  • Technology Transition / S&T
  • Enterprise Systems Development